Silicone Doll Brady Harris Meet Brady Harris- no name as yet :) prem sized silicone doll.

Daisy #1 Silicone Platinum Baby Reborn Doll

ON E BAY Mon premier bébé reborn en Silicone Platinum, tête et membres 3/4 bras et 4/4 jambes sur body en tissus. Edition limitée à 10 exemplaires au monde, ici Daisy nr 1 /10.

Solid SILICONE doll on EBAY now! Not a reborn!! Take a peek!! Song is Vienna by Ryan Beatty, I do not own this song!!

Haul for my Future Silicone Baby :)

Silicone Baby Monkey

Baby Orangutan Umi (Suri)

Sending Silicone Baby Valen for Repairs

And video was interrupted by a phone call… What’s new?

Introducing Silicone baby doll!

Silicone by Michelle Fagan ~ Lexi Lu

Brighton Blu, my newest silicone baby


Starting My day with Silicone Gareth :)

I just love him :) Sillyconebaby will have lots more videos from our days, we just have to upload them from her phone and edit them :) So they will be on her channel.

Reborn and Silicone Popcorn Party!

Super fun :)