Sweet Babies Born Reborn Nursery New Baby Girl Doll Camden Rose

New baby girl up for adoption! She is 23 in. and 6 lbs. 14 oz. Contact me for pricing information!

Reborn baby girl ~ Caroline ~ Rose by Adrie Stoete

My latest creation. I have wanted to make Rose since I first saw her. Stunning sculpt yet again by Adrie Stoete. My interpretation of her represents a newborn in the first few weeks of their life. I hope you enjoy this video. She will be on an ebay auction shortly. Please message me if you have any questions. Hugs Mel

My Reborn Baby Amanda Rose “Alexia” Sculpt by Adrie Stoete

This is Amanda Rose a beautiful “Alexia” Sculpt by Adrie Stoete. Isn’t she cute? I love Adrie’s sculpts. I sold Lucy my first reborn and got Amanda Rose. See video channel for other videos.