My new reborn baby River Adele

**I forgot to add music lol** My new reborn baby River Adele, she is the Chrisy by Pat Moulton She is 22 inches long and is 5.2 pounds with painted hair :)

Giveaway Winner and a Reborn Baby Haul :) **rebornsrock**

Congrats to the winner, if you didn’t win please don’t be a bad sport ;) Next week a have a cool surprise so make sure to check in!

A Bunch of New stuff for my Reborn Baby Dolls **rebornsrock**

Isn’t it all so cute? :) Sorry about the quality, it was taking forever to upload so I didn’t upload it in HD.

Reborn Baby Shower-Part 2-The Babies **rebornsrock**

Baby Shower! The babies blowing out candles and being held….

Welcoming Reborn Baby Liam **rebornsrock**

He should be back home in about 3 weeks :)

Introducing Reborn Baby Kinley! **rebornsrock**

my baby girl Kinley!!

Introducing Reborn Baby Liam **rebornsrock**

Thanks for watching :)

Reborn Baby Sophia WIP **rebornsrock**

So sorry guys! I promise next week’s video is gonna be amazing :)

Opening Reborn Baby Boy, Ryan! **rebornsrock**

Sorry for the choppy editing, my dog kept barking :) I hope you all like him! I’m in love with him, he’s so cute and tiny!

Reborn Baby Doll Surprise!! **rebornsrock**

Surprise!! Haha sorry for the awkwardness of this video, my friend was over so it was a bit wierd to make it…. Thanks for watching :)