Travel System for my Reborn Baby Dolls **rebornsrock**

Thanks for watching!

Reborn Toddler Update!! **rebornsrock**

He’s looking amazing so far :D

Reborn Nathan **rebornsrock**

Nathan cherish doll by ashton drake

Reborn Nathan **rebornsrock**

Nathan cherish doll by ashton drake

My Reborn Toddler is Finished!! **rebornsrock**

So happy!!

Reborn Haul :) **rebornsrock**

New stuff :) I have a super exciting video coming soon!! andd I got an instagram if anyone wants to follow me @lol_isabella

Surprise Reborn Box Opening!! **rebornsrock**

Yay for surprise reborns!! Sorry I sound a bit tired, it was midnight so obviously I wasn’t wide awake :)


I loveeeee him :)

Free Reborn Giveaway Update **rebornsrock**

Sorry about that guys :/

Reborn Toddler Greyson’s Night Routine **rebornsrock**

Hey guysss, since a lot of you guys think my dad is funny I thought i’d make a video where he’s like the main character :) No, I don’t do this every night and no, the doll was not harmed. I only did this cause I got tonssss of requests…. well that’s it, hope you like the video!