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Reborning Pink Vinyl Kits

Reborning “Noah” Head, sculpted by Linda Macario, Produced by Reborn Doll Kits, Inc., Reborned by Cindy Kohlscheen.

First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit

~Open Me!~ First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit. I did some research about what soap would be best to wash your Reborn kit & it seems it depends on the artest one said, “Wash all the pieces in a gentle baby soap to remove any factory impurities that might interfere with painting.” Another said “I use Dawn dish soap because I think it helps cut the manufacturers residue off of the doll kit” Basically its dish soap or baby soap its all up to you. One artist said, “Use delicate soap such as any kind of baby soap” verses “Wash your reborn doll kit in a warm bath with mild dish detergent to get the chemicals off.”