Reborn Baby Subculture. Is it?

Its a dream of a woman to become a mother. But unfortunately, there are some women who have to bear the pain of losing a baby or they cant be a mother for some reason at all. Specially for the mothers who have lost their babies during pregnancy or after their birth, the emotional turmoil is huge and indescribable. The reborn baby dolls have a purpose to serve in this regard.


Some people have started referring to it as a reborn subculture, since the reborn dolls have become increasingly popular.  What is meant by reborn subculture, of course, is the fact that there is an increased number of women adopting the reborn babies. The term adopted is the implied meaning of  what we call buying these days. Buying a reborn baby doll will not look appropriate, as you are there to take care of the reborn babies as if they were your real babies.


The mothers get rid of the feeling of lack of motherhood through feeding the reborn baby doll, changing their clothes and hence the reborn babies can prove out to be depression relievers for the mothers. Each reborn baby doll is unique and has something  different about themselves. They look so real that you can not distinguish if these reborn baby dolls  are real or not. To adopt these reborn babies, you can refer to the reborn dolls ebay which have a large variety of beautiful reborn dolls.

Beautiful Reborn Baby

Beautiful Reborn Baby


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Baby for Adoption (reborn ) ( Fake Baby ) ( Lifelike Doll )

This is my newest reborn baby in the nursery his name is Dominique he is an Angel Keepers Baby and is just beautiful I love him to pieces and will be so sad to see him go. I do hope that he finds his new forever mommy and that she will love him as much as I do. He will be going up for auction in a couple of days please enjoy his pictures and if you are interested in becoming his Mommy please send me a msg for details :O) otherwise I am under the ebay id starlight*starbright*nursery or search Dolly Hugs Kirsty

Reborn baby Whitney up for adoption / sale

Reborn baby Whitney is for adoption. She was made by Christi Allard from ”For my Little Star” nursery. All pictures where taken in daylight. PLEASE NOTE; I see I made an error in this video. I stated she’s signed by the artist; I was confused with another reborn I own. So she’s NOT signed as stated. If you are interested in buying her, please leave a note or contact me. Hate to part with her…. But yeah… she’s for sale…

Reborn baby doll Meah for sale

I am selling Meah Capri. She is 16 inches, about 3-4 pounds. 3/4 limbs, jointed doe suede body, gorgeous hand rooted mohair, painted with artist LCD paints, same as GHSP but air dry, then completed matte varnish GHSP. rooted eyelashes, opened nose, veins, mottling, tips on her nails. LE 600 Sunshine sculpt by Marita Winters, comes with petite ami 3 piece set, disposable diaper, purple fleece sleeper, pink froggy sleeper, pink fleece vest, magnetic paci and magnetic rose hair bow, and Her LE card of authenticity. Body signed by Marita Winters. Not reborned by me, but by Cindy B. of Whispers N Giggles Nursery. Asking 199.00 plus 20 shipping. Thanks =]