Reborn babies for Childless Parents

These vinyl made reborn babies are often decorated with glass and beads. When you look at the reborn babies, you get a very realistic feel as if they were real. These baby dolls are meant to give the child less mothers the comfort of craddling a baby so that the feel of a baby is with them always.  The women can be those who have lost their child in pregnancy and also can be those women who are practicing the care of their newly born babies. Before buying these dolls, there are certain terms that you should know, in case the alien language that these reborn baby store keepers use confuses you. A reborner is a person who is the creator of the reborn baby dolls and sells them or creates these reborn babies as a hobby. These baby dolls are then sold at ebay and amazon stores at different prices. So these online stores are  the place where you can get reborn babies.

Different custom stores are set up to fascilitate the customers so that they become a source of convenience for you and  these stores become your first prefrence where you get reborn babies . Reborn babies are said to be adopted and not purchased at these custom stores to increase the affection of the adapters so that they love these reborn babies as if they were real babies. So these baby dolls are cared for and taken as real babies, and the people who adopt these reboen babies are mostly those who have lost their child or their children have grown up. For the people who adopt the reborn babies as a replacement of their dolls, these reborn babies are a great help as they lessen the grief and fill in the gap of that loss of a baby and hence provide relaxation to the mothers especially.


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Reasons for keeping Reborn Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls are often taken only for playing and having fun basically by little kids. However, the concept of reborn baby dolls has completely changed in the years and now the reborn babies are not only taken care by the younger lot but also the grown ups!

People who have lost their child as a miscarriage or in an accident adopt these baby dolls and take care of them. They love them,  craddle them and take care of them and in this way their grief of that lost child lessens a bit. Some people on the other hand like to collect a wide range of these reborn baby dolls. They like the realistic feel these reborn babies provide. Their are even many reborn baby accessories available at different custom or online stores. So basically, this category of people own a collection of reborn baby dolls either as a hobby or for decoration.

There is another category of people which owns reborn baby dolls. This category of people are middle or old age people. They collect reborn baby dolls because their children have grown up and they like reminiscing  those moment when their kids were young and they took care of their babies. They take care of the reborn babies likewise and bring all those memories associated with their own kids back.

Reborn Baby Dolls are also adopted by many ladies who have least practice in craddling/taking care of a baby. Once adopted, these  reborn baby dolls are a way of teaching the expecting ladies that how should they pamper their babies once they come in this world. Their are accessories available as well which guide the expecting ladies a bit further on how they should feed their babies properly.

I  hope the main reasons of why people like keeping the reborn baby dolls are well explained to you. Still, there can be many logical/illogical reasons of owing a reborn baby doll. But the adorable and innocent features of a reborn baby are more than any important reason to own a baby doll.

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Feeding Reborn Baby Finnley – REQUEST

Feeding reborn baby doll Finnley :) Request by LOUISEtheCHEESE23

Precious Little Babies Reborn Dolls

Precious Little Babies by Rachel Maynard. Beautiful lifelike Reborn Dolls.


Courtney is here! But i didn’t like the outfit she came with. In the next video you’ll see that she Now she looks PERFECT!!!!!! Because i gave her a full bath, changed her earrings, diaper and clothing….


Visit for more information on Reborn Baby Dolls. To learn more about these unusual and extremely life-like dolls visit http Reborn baby dolls are, to some people, disturbingly realistic dolls that are designed to resemble real live human babies. It has to be said that it is an extremly intricate process that goes into producing one of these dolls but for the lovers of reborn dolls the effort is well worth it.

Baby for Adoption (reborn ) ( Fake Baby ) ( Lifelike Doll )

This is my newest reborn baby in the nursery his name is Dominique he is an Angel Keepers Baby and is just beautiful I love him to pieces and will be so sad to see him go. I do hope that he finds his new forever mommy and that she will love him as much as I do. He will be going up for auction in a couple of days please enjoy his pictures and if you are interested in becoming his Mommy please send me a msg for details :O) otherwise I am under the ebay id starlight*starbright*nursery or search Dolly Hugs Kirsty

Judys Reborn Nursery Painting a reborn doll fake baby

Painting a reborn doll/ fake baby by reborn artist Judy Dickinson of Judys Reborn Nursery. Step by step

Ethnic Reborn Doll layer 6 of 6 – Reborn Doll Tutorial

Applying the sixth ethnic coat on a bi racial doll kit by Nikki Holland. NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD – Visit for more.

new reborn baby doll

Yes another lol painted by me, bethany by linda murray. Some of my best work and she’s definately a keeper. Irelyn Ashley, welcome to the world =]