Reborn babies for Childless Parents

These vinyl made reborn babies are often decorated with glass and beads. When you look at the reborn babies, you get a very realistic feel as if they were real. These baby dolls are meant to give the child less mothers the comfort of craddling a baby so that the feel of a baby is with them always.  The women can be those who have lost their child in pregnancy and also can be those women who are practicing the care of their newly born babies. Before buying these dolls, there are certain terms that you should know, in case the alien language that these reborn baby store keepers use confuses you. A reborner is a person who is the creator of the reborn baby dolls and sells them or creates these reborn babies as a hobby. These baby dolls are then sold at ebay and amazon stores at different prices. So these online stores are  the place where you can get reborn babies.

Different custom stores are set up to fascilitate the customers so that they become a source of convenience for you and  these stores become your first prefrence where you get reborn babies . Reborn babies are said to be adopted and not purchased at these custom stores to increase the affection of the adapters so that they love these reborn babies as if they were real babies. So these baby dolls are cared for and taken as real babies, and the people who adopt these reboen babies are mostly those who have lost their child or their children have grown up. For the people who adopt the reborn babies as a replacement of their dolls, these reborn babies are a great help as they lessen the grief and fill in the gap of that loss of a baby and hence provide relaxation to the mothers especially.


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full body REBORN doll for sale

hi guys i am selling a beatiful reborn baby gir she is a full body if you want her to be magnent just pop of her head put the magnent and pop her head back on she is for sale she is 70$plus 10$ shipping!!!!!and i DO exepet a TRADE!!!!!!!!! if you have bad comments to say…….DONT!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reborn babies for sale

Baby arianna- pretty and adorable i will Start her bid for only 84.00 us dollars really cheap.!! She will come home with everything shown in the pic except the blanket she will go home with a better blanket!! Baby alexander- cute and adorable i will start the bid for only 80.00 us dollars really cheap!! He would go home with everything shown in the pic and a blanket now shown in the pic.!! they are cheap because we just need the money quick so plzz go and check them out seach for reborn baby girl arianna or reborn baby boy alexander..!! Plzz real buyers only thanxs andd hope u purchase one of them or both!!!;-)

reborn baby doll for sale

Description I only have my phone to do photos with SORRY! This Beautiful Baby was Just REBORN ( 11/11/11)ADOPT HIM TODAY! This a finished Reborn Baby that Has real Newborn cry when you push button on his belly.He is 20 inches long and is 4 lbs 3 oz He has miro rooted hair and eye lashes. I added tiny scratches on his face like a newborn has from their nail. and he has spit bubbles in mouth and tears in eyes. I have a video of him i can text you if you ask me to. 580-704-0337 I have fooled many today. they had to touch him to believe me that He was not real! I will sent Him with free gifts also. He is a very nice Reborn baby I also do custom orders and will do layaway plan on any custom reborn baby. and shipping if needed will be $15 per doll.but you can aslo pick him up if you want. I am taking orders now for Christmas, Ad ID: 14933519