Part 1: Creating Skin Texture on Reborn Baby with Inner Glow Painting

Using the pre-painted Inner Glow Baby doll kit by Secrist Doll Company, Pat Secrist teaches how to add facial capillary detail, lip shading, and eyelid glaze. Using the Inner Glow Baby doll kit makes it possible to finish painting a reborn baby doll in under an hour without compromising the baby’s individuality.

Reborn Baby Box Opening (Part 1 of 2)

Reborned by Vivian Woolham

Reborn Baby Clothing haul- Part 2


Reborn Baby Clothing Haul- Part 1


Reborn Baby Shower- Part 3- Presents **rebornsrock**

Baby Shower! The last part, great presents!!!

Reborn Babies On Dr Phil Episode Part 1

More information on reborn babies at Reborn Baby Dolls are featured on an episode of the Dr. Phil Show