Reborn changing mat and bottle collection part deux

Hey guys, this is my first reborn video and I’m showing you what’s in my Huggies changing mat/mini bag. I’m also showing you my bottle collections and my jars of baby food. Please comment, rate and subscribe – lots more videos to come!

Pakage openings part 2 (Lucy’s opening!)


Part 4 of 6 – My Reborn’s Items From Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, & Beall’s Outlet

This is the third of 6 videos that show all of Maddy’s “stuff.” Madilyn Grace is my beautiful reborn baby doll. :-) These items come from the Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and Beall’s Outlet store.

Special Reborn Technique Encyclopedia Part 1 Secrist Doll Company introduces Special Reborn Technique Encyclopedia Part 1. It teaches a quick and easy method of creating realistic effects and to create beautiful baby of color within hours! Purchase the full version of this DVD only $19.95 Canadian or US dollars and all your doll making supplies in our secure on-line store at http Reborning Technique’s by Danielle Zweers & Creating Reborns of Color by Michele Barrow-Belisle

Part Two: Creating Skin Texture on Reborn Baby with Inner Glow Painting

Part two of a two part series called Creating Skin Texture on Reborn Baby with Inner Glow Painting. Using the pre-painted Inner Glow Baby doll kit by Secrist Doll Company, Pat Secrist teaches how to add facial capillary detail, lip shading, and eyelid glaze. Using the Inner Glow Baby doll kit makes it possible to finish painting a reborn baby doll in under an hour without compromising the baby’s individuality.

Reborn baby Shower!! Part 1

Yay!!! Watch Part 2!!

Reborn Baby Doll- Can it be a part of your family?

The collector of reborn baby dolls comes from all groups of population, all around the world because these reborn dolls are so adorable and highly collectible. But their collectability is not the only reason to take these reborn baby dolls at your home or to accept these dolls, all the intense to detail works to give the babya realistic look that the owner wishes to have.

Reborn baby dolls are getting part of the families all around the world. These dolls fulfill the grieves and sorrows of the parents who last their babies in infancy or due to miscarriages. These reborn baby dolls are a memory of infant loss, death of a child and miscarriage. people  can collect reborn dolls  to overcome their grief and sorrow.

reborn baby haul Part 1

Guess what part 2 won’t all. :/


Better in HD

Megaman Battle Network 5: Team Colonel – Part 64: S-SLASHER REBORN BABY!

Introducing the one and only PA abusing folder in the game, folks! Lets use and abuse it because Nebula 3 holds yet another hair-pulling liberation mission.