Precious Little Babies Reborn Dolls

Precious Little Babies by Rachel Maynard. Beautiful lifelike Reborn Dolls.

Precious Little Baby Dust HAIR PAINTING Tutorial DVD Preview

Here is a little preview of the new PLBD Hair Painting Tutorial DVD. The DVD is now available for purchase from the PLBD website. We hope you enjoy the preview, please note this is just a snippet from the actual DVD. The complete DVD is approx 1.5 hours long and covers the many stages of creating a beautiful painted head of hair on your reborn doll. To see other DVDs in the PLBD tutorial DVD collection please visit the website

My sweet little bella

Pictures of my sweet girl

Reborn Baby Dolls are Little Bundles of Joy!

The biggest reason to purchase the reborn baby doll instead of the normal doll is the realistic look that they have. If you stare at the doll, you will expect the doll to move. They look so real just like a newborn sleeping baby, that it would be hard to tell from an actual baby unless you know.

The collectors have the option to buy a readymade doll or they might design their unique reborn baby dolls and sometimes the customers opt to have a doll made in the image of their child. So, every feature is there to design, from the shade of the hair color, complexion, eyes and anything you want to or anything can dream up. All these features brings you the feel of happiness and joy for you and your family.

This is for my missing Little reborn Baby Kelsey Grace [Home] I changed her name it’s a long story! She came Home 2 weeks ago but the Doctor which fixed her made a mistake in her Mouth the magnet was gone he apologized and said “I will fix it and it will cost no money cause it was my own fauld!” I send her back to him a week ago! By Fixing her eye he made a great job she look totally different Reborn babys are not real babys there a dolls which look like real babys. This is the Story of little Kelsey When i first saw Kelsey on ebay i thought poor baby, cause the reason was she had to go quickley cause her first momy doesnt want her anymore. So i decitded to buy her to give her a new home where she is wanted. She became a little sister called Haylee, She became a new Daddy called Daniel and She became a new Mommy Me! What i doenst realized was that her left eye was broken, when she comes here the eye was ok but i noticed that i had to do something cause she will lose her eye and then it happend it came to her eye that you slide up as far as the pupil could not see. On a webside i found a doll Hospital who repair dolls and i send her to this Hospital but a month ago she doesnt come home yesterday my Friend Daniel became an call which tells them that she is on the way. I made this video for her ! I hope she come home :/ i miss her….