(Reborn) Day In The Life of Dakota

Yes ! i hope you enjoy ! this took a lot of editing. Part 2 is still a work in progress. I’ve been trying to get it up, but it take SOOO much editing. Almost 4 hours ! I hope I can get it up some othertime.

Day In the Life of Leah *Reborn*

My Beautiful new baby girl!!! More vids coming sooon! xx

Day in the Life of Reborn Heartly *Part Two*

I worked really hard on this video and finally I am able to upload the second part!!

Day in the life of reborn Heartly!! *HIghly Requested*

Okay sorry this cuts off at like minute 12!! so just stop it after that and then I am uploading a part two! I loathe windows movie maker! I need to buy a better program or something.

Day in the Life of a Reborn, & Her Mommy! #1

:) sorry its kind of boring!