Rerooting the hair of Reborn baby dolls

Once the hair of the reborn baby doll starts getting off, the owner of the reborn baby doll start worrying.

Oh well, its not a very big problem. Re-rooting is a simple procedure and you might not be needing too many things to carry out the procedure. You can use the old hair to re-root as well.

Things you will need: vinyl hair (preferred), a needle

Choosing the Right Hair: You can use a needle to push the roots of the hair in the skull gently.

For more tips on how to do the entire process of re rooting the reborn dolls hair watch the video below:

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Hair Painting Tutorial Part 5/5.m4v

Learn the basic fundamentals of painted hair using Art and Magic Water Borne Air Dry Paints with Debbie Henshaw, professional, master reborn doll artist at They Never Grow Up Nursery. This is a 5 part series so be sure to watch all of them. I appologize that I did not check my camera before filming this session and much of the frame is off center. The instruction is good, I’ve added some still pictures and I think you will still gain from this video. I’m a professional artist but not a professional technical person!

Hair rooting needles and tool – Nikki Holland vlog #33 Thought I would take you through a few of the different gauge felting needles I use to root my doll hair. I have compared the Ultras and regulars aswell as a forked felting needle. I have also shown the tool I use. FELTING NEEDLES – http See all my latest vlogs: Are you enjoying watching the vlogs and want to see more from SMN? SeeNikki Holland getting her dolls ready for their photo shoot: The SMN Show – Would you like to try reborning but not sure where to start? Consider a SMN Starter Reborn Kit! Starter Kits – SMN also has FREE reborn doll tutorials available. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe.

Reborn hair rooting progress update – The SMN Show #211

I have been rooting hair this week and I thought I would show you what I have done. The Kelsie kit is done in a light brown straight mohair and the other one is medium brown. ———————————————————- Order a Custom Order Doll – FACEBOOK – Music for the The SMN Show provided by – Thanks for watching xoxo Send us mail: PO Box 406 Lilydale 3140 Victoria AUSTRALIA

Cynthia’s hair rooting progress, and reborn Box opening!

Update on cythia being rooted, and the box opening of my new baby!

Precious Little Baby Dust HAIR PAINTING Tutorial DVD Preview

Here is a little preview of the new PLBD Hair Painting Tutorial DVD. The DVD is now available for purchase from the PLBD website. We hope you enjoy the preview, please note this is just a snippet from the actual DVD. The complete DVD is approx 1.5 hours long and covers the many stages of creating a beautiful painted head of hair on your reborn doll. To see other DVDs in the PLBD tutorial DVD collection please visit the website

Reborn baby hair problems

Reborn baby

Reborn Baby Hair Care Tutorial

Caring for your reborn babys’ hair.

Finished hair rooting reborn child doll Jo Jo Marie – The SMN Show #228

I finally finished rooting the Angelica by Reva Schick head and I am so happy with the result. I hope her mum likes what I have done. All thats left to do is add her eyelashes, gloss her lips and glue / seal her hair. ————————————————————————- Order a Custom Order Doll – FACEBOOK – Music for the The SMN Show provided by – CD and MP3′s available at : Thanks for watching xoxo

The Reborn Doll Show Episode 3:ROGERINA WILLAMINA, The Kid With Hardly Any Hair This is my newest reborn,, I just finished her today. Her name is really Ivory but I accidentally created a funny song called Rogerina Willamina (because I told my husband I was naming her after him! lol) So, now Ivory is going to have a children’s song CD coming out under the stage name of Rogerina Willamina (and there will likely be a picture book series too!). I still have to paint her arms and finish a little painting of her face but I couldn’t wait to show everyone what she looks like. I absolutely love her!