Barbara Guidetti’s Reborn Dolls

For some people ‘reborning’ is more than just a hobby. They take pride in the fact that their creative brain gives them the opportunity to design the best in form of Reborn Baby Dolls. In honor of such reborn artist, I have decided to know these artists more closely and see their inspirations which makes them create the best in form of reborn baby dolls.


Barbara roaming around with her Reborn Baby Doll
Barbara roaming around with her Reborn Baby Doll

One of these names is Barbara Guidetti. She lives in Italy and has graduated in philosophy. She takes pride in the fact that she has published three books and is getting her fourth one ready. Despite all these achievements, she is a reborn artist too, and she takes pride in defining herself as a reborn artist.


‘ I have always loved dolls since I was a little girl. It is amazing how behind every reborn girl there is a story. She isnt just a look alike of real baby, she is more than that’ says Guidetti. Guidetti opens up more to us by telling us that she is married, her loving husband shares her passion equally. They live with their three dogs and adopted reborn baby dolls Ainee and Ginger.

Her love for Ainee can be seen in the pictures she keeps on posting on Facebook. She surely is fond of this reborn baby Ainee. Guidetti also mentions that she loves Ainee because she is smiling and its so natural. The reborn baby Ainee makes her so happy.



The thing about adopted reborn babies is that they make you so happy, and so tension free. At times when you are having a really bad day, you hold them in your hands and all of a sudden, every thing becomes okay.

Guidetti is determined to take her passion further and using her imagination to create the best in form of reborn babies. Her collections of reborn babies are really praise worthy. Here is her another reborn baby.


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