(OVER)Reborn baby giveaway

Watch the entire video please.

Kailyns Giveaway 2012

This giveaway is over, but now we have monthly giveaways and you can enter by seeing Giveaway Rules 2013 and then Giveaway Assignment 2013.

A Special Reborn Giveaway

… for a special reborn baby! Please watch the WHOLE video to find out the rules and how to enter. The baby will be ready to go to her new home in January 2013.

Giveaway Update! Who will be the lucky WINNER *closed*


Thanks to reborn momma, she gave me a recommendation to do one boy outfit and girl outift, she may have ment for me to do it a little different. Also, I apologize for my phone continuously going off, i was in a rush when i made this. HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY: 1) for one entry, you will need to subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on this video, stating your reborns name and also if you would like the boy shirt, or girl shirt. All i need to know is which gender, thats it. 2)for two entries, you can make a video with you and your reborn, say why you would like to win one of these outfits, you can basically say whatever, just do a video response to this. 3)for three entries, you can tell your friends about this and tell them to subscribe to me, but make sure they know, that they have to tell me that you sent them, in order for the third entry to count. This giveaway will last 4 days, so it will end on Monday.

Reborn Giveaway: July 2012

another reborn doll giveaway

Free Reborn Giveaway Update **rebornsrock**

Sorry about that guys :/

March’s Reborn Doll Giveaway


Giveaway Winner and a Reborn Baby Haul :) **rebornsrock**

Congrats to the winner, if you didn’t win please don’t be a bad sport ;) Next week a have a cool surprise so make sure to check in!