Box Opening Of My First Reborn!

My reborn baby girl Bambi is finally here! She weights 2.700 kg and she is 50 cm long. I’m in love with her, she’s perfect! Don’t forget to request videos of her, and to coment and suscribe! xxx

First reborn box opening!!!

Omg guys today we got our first reborn!! I am sooo excited! Her name is Kinsey. I don’t know the nursery name, but she is on eBay, and her real name is Amy O’Brien. We made her pacifier and bottle and will make a how to video later. Thanks for watching, please subscribe!!!

Reborn Autumn’s First Outing…part 1

Me babbling on about nothing as always lol Autumn got a new car seat & stroller :)

**Lexii’s First Night Home: Reborn Baby Night Routine** ♥**~TessaLovesLilRebornz~**♥

My Custom Reborn Baby Girl “Lexii Rose” has her first buba and night at her new home! Thanks for watching everybody, I truly hope you enjoy! Paityn Faith, Bethi Lynn, Delainey Katella, Jesse Bennett, and Amberleigh Hope are all so excited to have their little sister home, as is mommy! Request,…

Reborn toddler, Kiani’s first day home

My reborn toddler first day in pictures. There is no sound only captions.

My first Video!

At last Ive finally edited and uploaded this video! I has taken me hours to work out how to convert it from imovie to youtube! Crazy! My photography website is please take a look and sign my guest book :D Please also leave NICE comments or questions :) Big Hugs! Jazz xxx

First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit

~Open Me!~ First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit. I did some research about what soap would be best to wash your Reborn kit & it seems it depends on the artest one said, “Wash all the pieces in a gentle baby soap to remove any factory impurities that might interfere with painting.” Another said “I use Dawn dish soap because I think it helps cut the manufacturers residue off of the doll kit” Basically its dish soap or baby soap its all up to you. One artist said, “Use delicate soap such as any kind of baby soap” verses “Wash your reborn doll kit in a warm bath with mild dish detergent to get the chemicals off.”

My First Reborn Baby Doll (Audrey Kiana)

I bought her used.

Mein süßes Reborn Baby Jamie by Olga Auer-My first Reborn

Hallo, hier ist mein erstes Rebornbay. Rebornt aus dem Bausatz “Jamie” von Olga Auer. (Markenname ist Eigentum des Herstellers und wird nur zur Beschreibung genannt) Inspiriert von meinem kleinen süßen Enkel der im Januar geboren wurde, wollte ich seine Ausstrahlung irgendwie festhalten. Da ich schon immer ein wenig gemalt habe, vor allem Aquarell und Acryl, war mir der Umgang mit Farben nicht ganz fremd. Als nackter Bausatz kam er zu mir und ich habe mich gar nicht getraut anzufangen. Er fasste sich ganz toll an und sah so real aus. Er erhielt viele einzelne Farbschichten und bekam weiche Haare eingepflanzt(gerootet) Ausserdem bekam er eine Bauchplatte. Es ist ein richtiger Junge;) Am schönsten ist es, das Baby nach dem Rebornen hübsch anzuziehen Ich finde es ist ein ganz süßer Junge geworden, ein wunderschönes Hobby und ich kann nur jedem empfehlen es einfach mal zu versuchen…

Kate’s first pride!!

:D She was so adorable and excited, I promise I will be doing more filming.