The Reborn Doll Show Episode 3:ROGERINA WILLAMINA, The Kid With Hardly Any Hair This is my newest reborn,, I just finished her today. Her name is really Ivory but I accidentally created a funny song called Rogerina Willamina (because I told my husband I was naming her after him! lol) So, now Ivory is going to have a children’s song CD coming out under the stage name of Rogerina Willamina (and there will likely be a picture book series too!). I still have to paint her arms and finish a little painting of her face but I couldn’t wait to show everyone what she looks like. I absolutely love her!

The Reborn Doll Show episode 7: Two New Dolls – Paris & Jethro

New toddler doll and 9 month old baby (kitten sculpt) … highlights of upcoming videos, photos of delivered reborns to my sister.

Reborn Babies On Dr Phil Episode Part 1

More information on reborn babies at Reborn Baby Dolls are featured on an episode of the Dr. Phil Show

The Reborn Doll Show: Episode 2 – The Whole Gang

All my current dolls (not including the two I’m making). My reborn channel is/ will be: I’m still working on the site so (depending on when you’re watching) there may or may not be anything on the site yet! :)