“Baby Doll” used as therapy for the elderly

Fake ie reborn baby doll is used here as a comforter and reminder for many of the elderly of good times and of the family unit as it once was.

Reborn doll for TRADE!!

For Trade only.


www.babiesforsale.com.au one of a kind reborn dolls

full body REBORN doll for sale

hi guys i am selling a beatiful reborn baby gir she is a full body if you want her to be magnent just pop of her head put the magnent and pop her head back on she is for sale she is 70$plus 10$ shipping!!!!!and i DO exepet a TRADE!!!!!!!!! if you have bad comments to say…….DONT!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another new doll

=] masterpiece baby doll susanna by monika peter-leicht. Shes gorgeous- totally recommend her =]

The Art of Sculpting by Secrist Doll Company

macphersoncrafts.com Reborn Baby Art of Sculpting. Pat Secrist of “Secrist Doll Company” teaches a quick and easy method of sculpting a beautiful baby within hours! Purchase the full version of this DVD only $19.95 Canadian or US dollars and all your sculpting supplies in our secure on-line store at http

Introducing Silicone baby doll!

Silicone by Michelle Fagan ~ Lexi Lu

First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit

~Open Me!~ First process to Reborning your doll is bathing your doll kit. I did some research about what soap would be best to wash your Reborn kit & it seems it depends on the artest one said, “Wash all the pieces in a gentle baby soap to remove any factory impurities that might interfere with painting.” Another said “I use Dawn dish soap because I think it helps cut the manufacturers residue off of the doll kit” Basically its dish soap or baby soap its all up to you. One artist said, “Use delicate soap such as any kind of baby soap” verses “Wash your reborn doll kit in a warm bath with mild dish detergent to get the chemicals off.”

My First Reborn Baby Doll (Audrey Kiana)

I bought her used.

Reborn doll, I apologize.

Addressing confusion regarding the meet and greet.