Reborn Nursery Tour, Modified Paci Collection, and Matching Babies :)

Updated Paci Collection!


Reborn Bottle Collection

This is my reborn bottle collection as of June 2012.

My Reborn Collection 2

Here is the second part of my reborn collection-sorry for the wait xxxxxxx

My Reborn Shoe Collection

This is a video request for LondonLovables xxxxxxxx

New Video of all of my Reborn Babies! My Entire Collection

All of my reborn babies! Amanda Rose in a brand new outfit for Fall. I just love this little outfit and her new little shoes. Tory Ashlyn Hope wearing all purple in this video. I have a new baby coming home, an Ariella! I noticed quite a few people are doing request videos, so I’ve decided to welcome all requests! *Requests are welcome*

My Doll Collection

To get your own hand made reborn doll visit: Also come check out our doll collector group

All 8 Of My Reborn Babies. My Entire Collection and Display.

All Eight of My Reborn Babies. My entire collection and their display. Claire Marie making her youtube debut! This is all eight. I’m thinking of selling Tory Ashlyn Hope (She’s the blonde haired baby with the pink I love Mommy bib)

Reborn changing mat and bottle collection part deux

Hey guys, this is my first reborn video and I’m showing you what’s in my Huggies changing mat/mini bag. I’m also showing you my bottle collections and my jars of baby food. Please comment, rate and subscribe – lots more videos to come!

My doll collection – Nikki Holland vlog #91

I had a request to show my entire doll collection…so here they are. My first doll Tristan I got when i started reborning, Jonathan was my first reborn baby I made, my Magic Nursery Doll, My ethnic reborn baby doll…the two small 6″ bountiful baby dolls and my three ashton drake porcelain dolls.Hope you enjoy watching :) Latest vlogs: See Nikki Holland getting her dolls ready for their photo shoot: The SMN Show – Would you like to try reborning but not sure where to start? Consider a SMN Starter Reborn Kit! Starter Kits – SMN also has FREE reborn doll tutorials available. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe.