Reborn baby Isaiah’s details and changing

Showing details of my reborn and changing his clothes

‘Grandpa’ Changing and feeding Reborn William :D

This was so fun!! :D – Poor little William. :( My dad is a little bit… Hmm.. Embarrassing! Sorry that some of you can’t understand us, because we were talking danish.. My dad is not like the best to english, as you can hear…

Changing and feeding Reborn Jayda


*Changing Reborn Zophia*

She is so cute! :D If you watch in HD, there is no music.. I don’t know why..

changing bella, home from school, and baby shower?

mommytogreyer’s Webcam Video from January 30, 2012 02:28 PM

Changing reborn baby Zorwren

Zasha Sculpt