Feeding and Changing My Reborn Brenlee!

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Changing Ella, sealing bottles and feeding!

This is kind of a mishmash of videos but I thought some might be interested. I tried to keep it short but long videos are like the cheese to my macaroni. =D

Changing baby reborn Kate

Here Kate is in her BRAND NEW OUTFIT!!! Yeah she looks absolutley precious! Enjoy! Pleas SUBSCRIBE!!!

**Changing Preemie Reborn Baby Girl Miah’s Diaper**TessaLovesLilRebornz**

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Alexander changing and My thoughts

I wish we all can just get along

Noah’s changing

Changing Fussy Noah

feeding and changing chloe


Reborn changing mat and bottle collection part deux

Hey guys, this is my first reborn video and I’m showing you what’s in my Huggies changing mat/mini bag. I’m also showing you my bottle collections and my jars of baby food. Please comment, rate and subscribe – lots more videos to come!

Changing baby stori into her t-shirt and diaper


Changing Baby Livie

requested by: VintageFlowerNursery AND someone else…. please remind me :P I can’t find my list where I wrote it down. Livie’s custom body is from: www.freewebs.com