Reborn Bottle Review (Part 2)

Reborn bottle review. This us just my opinion. Please comment.

How to make a reborn bottle

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Reborn Bottle Collection

This is my reborn bottle collection as of June 2012.

How to seal a bottle for your reborn baby

This is my second when I get my reborn I will make a video on his night routine and his bottle and paci thanks comment rate subscribe

First bottle!!!

she is such a little lovie

Reborn changing mat and bottle collection part deux

Hey guys, this is my first reborn video and I’m showing you what’s in my Huggies changing mat/mini bag. I’m also showing you my bottle collections and my jars of baby food. Please comment, rate and subscribe – lots more videos to come!

How to make a reborn baby bottle!

If you didn’t hear me, here are the steps: 1. Pur the fabris softner into the bottle. 2. place the saran wrap over the bottle opening. 3. Screw the bottle cap/nipple onto the bottle.4. cut off any excess saran wrap. I was in a hurry, sorry LOL

Feeding Reborn baby Lachlan and Mam bottle review


*Request* How To Make Reborn Baby Formula & Adiri Bottle Review

How I make my formulas and reviewing my Adiri bottle