Differentiate between real babies and reborn babies

So real are these baby dolls, that you at once do not realize that they are made of any plastic material.  The babies for sale option for many parents enables them to practice cradling the baby such that they are capable enough  to handle the human baby of their own once he/she comes to life.

Reborn babies dolls

Reborn babies dolls


The reborn dolls have been mistaken several times as real babies in reported events. Once in Loss Angles, a child who is said to be playing with one of the reborn dolls dropped the reborn baby doll in the middle of the road. A person saw that happen and began to run towards the reborn doll shaking with fear that the baby might have lost his life. Little did he know, that the baby on the road was actually a reborn baby doll out of the E bay reborn babies collection.


Reborn babies dolls

Reborn babies dolls

Those people who do not know about the reborn babies, find it hard to differentiate between the real babies and the reborn babies. A post shall be written soon enough for the tips to differentiate between the real baby and the reborn baby. To make the leaflets and even the billboards interesting, you must have often seen the statement ‘babies for sale’  in several places. This, however, is to induce suspense in the customer to know more about the reborn babies.

Reborn babies dolls

Reborn babies dolls


So here this blog is meant to provide our customers the information that they desire to get. This way, you can not only know about the reborn babies but also buy them  just reborn babies for sale online sites!

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Reborn babies for Childless Parents

These vinyl made reborn babies are often decorated with glass and beads. When you look at the reborn babies, you get a very realistic feel as if they were real. These baby dolls are meant to give the child less mothers the comfort of craddling a baby so that the feel of a baby is with them always.  The women can be those who have lost their child in pregnancy and also can be those women who are practicing the care of their newly born babies. Before buying these dolls, there are certain terms that you should know, in case the alien language that these reborn baby store keepers use confuses you. A reborner is a person who is the creator of the reborn baby dolls and sells them or creates these reborn babies as a hobby. These baby dolls are then sold at ebay and amazon stores at different prices. So these online stores are  the place where you can get reborn babies.

Different custom stores are set up to fascilitate the customers so that they become a source of convenience for you and  these stores become your first prefrence where you get reborn babies . Reborn babies are said to be adopted and not purchased at these custom stores to increase the affection of the adapters so that they love these reborn babies as if they were real babies. So these baby dolls are cared for and taken as real babies, and the people who adopt these reboen babies are mostly those who have lost their child or their children have grown up. For the people who adopt the reborn babies as a replacement of their dolls, these reborn babies are a great help as they lessen the grief and fill in the gap of that loss of a baby and hence provide relaxation to the mothers especially.


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Taking Care of Your Reborn Babies


Eve adores her reborn baby dolls. And she will guide us a bit more on how does these baby dolls look like in real life and how to take care of these reborn baby dolls.








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A selection of hand sculpted clay dolls by me Phil Donnelly of Phil’s Clay Babies.

Hand sculpted clay babies without the use of molds. They range between 3 inches and 24 inches long

Incredible realistic dolls reborn Babies ;-)

Look at this Babies are they real ,or they are Dolls?;-)Wonderful dolls ,look like a real babies!

Going on a Disney Cruise with the Babies!!!

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Water Babies

Swimming with Kaileia (dedicated to Melissa)

Reborn Babies

These are the pictures of my Reborn Babies that i have made. If you would like your own Reborn Baby please visit my website or contact me. www.freewebs.com

My Reborn “Babies” In Brand New Bassinet

Lucy, Georgia, Aidan and Tory in new bassinet. I’m sitll working on the set-up and display. It looks so much better in person.

Reborn Babies Play Hide and Seek!

So cute you have to see it!!