Reborn Baby Artist Eve Newsom – Part THREE

Reborn baby dolls by Reborn Artist Melissa George from Bundles of Love

Collection of reborn baby dolls created by Reborn Artist Melissa George from Bundles of Love. For so many reasons can a baby doll be appreciated, Modern medicine has found that these baby dolls can be of great benefit to the elderly, some people can’t have babies, others just simply want to remember the days when their children where young and some people are all about collecting dolls. For whatever reason, everyone loves a baby, especially myself; this is another reason why I am so passionate about reborning. They strike an emotional cord deep in the soul and at the same time serve as a beautiful collectable doll to be handed down for generations to come. As you can see a reborn doll is a wonderful piece of artwork for so many reasons. What exactly is a reborn OOAK (One of a kind) doll The art of reborning has been around for some time now, it used to be a recreation from an existing doll and today they are more commonly created from a new sculpt/raw vinyl mould. They feel like a real baby in your arms and when held people can be fooled to believe they are real. ABOUT ME I spend many hours on every little detail using only the best quality products from around the world. It is always my aim to make every little creation a unique one of a kind, special in their own right. After many years of practice, patience and lots of determination along with some great friends I feel blessed to create angels like this one. I have been doing this for many years now and enjoy making

Featured Reborn Artist

July Feature Artist Elvira Creutz Elvira’s Reborn Dolls Nursery Hi, My name is Elvira Creutz. I live in South Australia and I am the artist behind ** Elvira’s Reborn Dolls Nursery ** I have been reborning for over 7 years … Continue reading View full post on Reborn Babies | Reborn Dolls

Reborn baby doll Hannah By artist Nikki Holland Presentation

Reborn baby doll Hannah By artist Nikki Holland Presentation