Taking Care of Your Reborn Babies


Eve adores her reborn baby dolls. And she will guide us a bit more on how does these baby dolls look like in real life and how to take care of these reborn baby dolls.








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Plenty of Reasons to collect Reborn Baby Dolls!

The most common reason of buying reborn baby doll is when someone is unable to have a baby of their own or may lost their child due to death. Because having a real baby in your home is comforting and soothing. So, you can keep the memory of your lost babies by collecting these wonderful reborn baby dolls.

Reborn baby dolls are not noisy like the real baby. So, handling one is much comfortable for the parents. By having a real life baby, it can be very helpful to the young girl who wants to get married, so, they know what they are getting into.

Reborn Baby Doll- Can it be a part of your family?

The collector of reborn baby dolls comes from all groups of population, all around the world because these reborn dolls are so adorable and highly collectible. But their collectability is not the only reason to take these reborn baby dolls at your home or to accept these dolls, all the intense to detail works to give the babya realistic look that the owner wishes to have.

Reborn baby dolls are getting part of the families all around the world. These dolls fulfill the grieves and sorrows of the parents who last their babies in infancy or due to miscarriages. These reborn baby dolls are a memory of infant loss, death of a child and miscarriage. people  can collect reborn dolls  to overcome their grief and sorrow.

Featured Reborn Artist

July Feature Artist Elvira Creutz Elvira’s Reborn Dolls Nursery Hi, My name is Elvira Creutz. I live in South Australia and I am the artist behind ** Elvira’s Reborn Dolls Nursery ** I have been reborning for over 7 years … Continue reading View full post on Reborn Babies | Reborn Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls- Clothing your Doll!

Reborn baby dolls clothing is consider cheap but if you are not careful about collecting clothes you may fall into the trap of adding more and more items in your baby`s cabinet and it will tucked away your credit cards because you have gone overboard.

Initially, you just look out for set of clothes that will suit your baby and your credit card as well, and the clothes that are cheaper to buy then individual items. Sets of clothes means, it includes hats, shoes and other things which saves hunting around them. It doesn`t take much time to get the right look on the sets of clothes, just be sure to decide what you want first because your little star deserves to wear the best.

Reborn Baby Dolls- Is That a Real Baby?

Perhaps you might have heard about reborn dolls. The reborn baby dolls really seemed to look like a real newborns but they aren`t. Because of the life like qualities of these reborn baby dolls they`ve been mistaken as a real baby.

Unreal, yet so genuine dolls! You might have seen these dolls in the shopping malls, bazaars or in the fashion malls where these reborn baby dolls are held by older women or placed in strollers as if they are a real one.
Certainly, these reborn baby dolls are well treated and are well attended for as if they aren`t dolls but the real babies.

Reborn Baby Doll- A Lovely Doll for You to Choose!

The reborn baby doll is a lovely gift for each and every doll lover. These dolls are so famous in the whole world and are available in different styles as well. The dolls are not just playthings for the children, they are items of beauty and historical value.

Any doll can become a collectible doll just like reborn baby doll but it is more important than a doll because of its real look that simply no one can spot the reality of being fake or real baby.

If you have a reborn baby doll and you really love it, you should show your love for the doll by taking very good take care of the pretty reborn doll.

Reborn Baby Doll- The top 5 Buying TIPS!

People really falling in love with reborn baby dolls and buying these dolls rapidly but some of them may not know what exactly to do for collecting reborn baby doll. So, we are giving you some special tips for collecting reborn baby doll and these tips will help you to make the right purchase and guide you in your decision making process.

• Ask at the time of buying online that which color has been utilized. It should have genesis paints
• The toes and fingers of reborn baby dolls should ideally have dust as filters in body to give them the soft feature.
• On buying online, make sure to check the pictures of reborn dolls so you can feel that it looks real baby.
• Check the description to know which method has been used in creating hair because many time purple wash is done on the inside of reborn doll`s limbs which should be avoided.
• Hand plantation of hair using micro rooting makes the hair of the reborn doll look so realistic, sp check the description about which method is used for the plantation

Reborn baby Dolls- A memory for Infant loss and Miscarriage!

Of course, there is no big loss for the mother if her child is lost in infancy or if she is not able to become a mother again due to miscarriage, then it could be the worst thing for those mums.

Reborn Baby dolls have become a great source for the mothers who lost their children because reborn doll is memorial for infant loss, miscarriages and still birth and these reborn dolls are made to resemble your lost child, it can fill your arms and help to remove the ache from mom`s heart.

The reborn baby dolls are created based on photos taken of the child or if there are no photos then dolls are based on the hair or eye color of the parents. So, the memorial reborn baby doll is very therapeutic for the parents.