Reborn Dolls

What are Reborn Dolls?


Reborn dolls are specially created dolls that mimic real babies in appearance. While this simple description might work for most dolls, the beauty of a Reborn doll is that they go far beyond what would be considered a typical doll appearance and bring a stunning realism to the world of dolls. Reborn Dolls look so much like real babies that there are a few documented incidents of police being called to rescue a “baby” trapped in a car on a hot day only to have the child in question turn out to be a Reborn doll.

These incredibly life-like dolls were first developed in the early 1990s. Doll artists had always strived for realism but Reborn dolls seemed to get the formula down to a perfect science. By taking traditional doll parts and adding layers and layers of special paint that sets only when heat is applied, an artisan is able to create an extremely realistic replica of a human baby. Many Reborn Doll artists will work with their clients to create a child with a very specific look. Sometimes, clients will even bring in pictures of children so that the artist can make a doll that is similar to an actual child in appearance.

Reborn Babies started growing in popularity when the first Reborn Doll was sold on Ebay in 2002. The Internet is where the Reborn Doll market thrives as many major retailers consider the dolls too “creepy” to be placed on traditional toy shelves. Artists, as well as reborn doll enthusiasts, find the internet to be to their advantage because of the personal nature of the reborn dolls.

People are attracted to reborn babies for a number of reasons. The phenomenon is still fairly new so there hasn’t been a lot of time to explore the psychological implications of such life-like dolls. A lot of the people who collect reborn dolls are simply doll collectors. They have a wide variety of different dolls and reborn dolls fit well within their collection. Other collectors of reborn dolls have different motivations. Some women and men collect reborn babies to replace children that they may have lost due to childhood illness, stillbirth, or miscarriage. Some women buy reborn dolls when all of their real children have grown and left the home.

Whatever the reasons for acquiring a reborn baby are, the purchaser of these exquisite dolls has put a lot of thought into their reborn doll. The dolls are often cared for meticulously, given nice clothes to wear, and occasionally treated as real children. The dolls are so realistic that, if you were to come across one in public, you might not even suspect that it is not a real baby.

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